Kids Indoor Playground F.A.Q.s

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  1. What hours can I come in as a walk in for Open Play?

    Walk-ins are welcome to come anytime for open play during regular business hours. Monday -Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. except Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

  2. Are socks required?

    Yes. For the safety of all children playing on the trampoline, all guest including both children and adult who will jump on the trampoline MUST have trampoline socks. We sale them at $3.00 (tax included) per pair or you can bring your own. They are the socks with the rubber gripped bottoms. Cleanliness and good hygiene is essential to us all. In order to enter our facilities, everyone is required to remove their shoes and wear socks with no exceptions. For your convenience, most all sizes are available to purchase at our front desk. 

  3. Is a waiver required?

    Yes. Waivers are required to be filled by the parent, guardian or care taker of children entering our facilities? Nobody is allowed to enter without completely filling and signing a waiver.

  4. Who is allowed to play on inflatables, trampoline and enclosed playgrounds?

    Safety is important to everyone and that is why we allow adults to carefully assist kids that are unable or afraid to be on the inflatables and enclosed playgrounds on their own. For the safety of children, adults and kids older than 12 years of age are not permitted to play alone or with each other on this equipment.

    Jump Jump caters to kids' that are toddler age up to 12 years of age. We also offer a separate play are for toddlers 3 years old and younger.

  5. How long may we stay to play?

    You are welcome to stay and play for as long as you wish during normal business hours.

  6. Is re-entry allowed?

    No. There is no re-entry allowed. However, we understand that things happen and if you notify our staff, you may be able to exit the premises briefly as long as you return within 5 minutes.

  7. Are drop offs allowed?

    No. All kids must be supervised by parent(s), guardian(s) or care taker(s).

  8. Can an adult come-in to the facility without a child?

    Unless you are attending a birthday party, no adults are allowed without a child in our facility.

  9. What is the rule of conduct for kids?

    No reckless play, no climbing behind or on the sides of inflatables, no running or jumping inside enclosed playgrounds. Please note posted rules throughout the facility. If any child is playing in a reckless or hazardous way to themselves and others they will be asked to take a few minutes to rest. We will work with parents to discourage hazardous or reckless behavior. If hazardous or reckless behavior continues and our staff has to ask 3 times or greater, our staff may ask you to leave for the day.

  10. Can we bring outside food?

    Some. At our discretion, you may bring coffee/tea, breast milk, formula, baby food or snack. Please limit snacks to small quantities. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the facilities.

    All pizza is to be ordered through us. You will not be allowed to bring in pizza from anywhere else. 

  11. How often do you sanitize all the inflatables and toys?

    We sanitize every inflatable, playground, and all the toys with eco-friendly products every day and have on-going sanitization during open hours.

  12. Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

    Yes! We offer free Wi-Fi through-out the whole building.

  13. Are there groups or discount rates?

    Yes, we offer rates for daycares, religious organizations, mom's group play dates, camps, school spirit nights, school groups, PTAs and other large parties. Please call us today.

    We also offer 10 day passes at a discounted rate to our loyal customers who wish to come to our facilities regularly.

    Party FAQ


  14. How do I book a party?

    There are four different ways you may book a party: in person, online, email or call us.

  15. What is required to book a party?

    You can make a reservation by providing a 50% deposit by cash or with a valid credit card (visa or master only).

  16. What is your refund policy?

    You have 24 hours to cancel after making your reservation in order to receive a full refund. After that, rescheduling is allowed only once up to 60 days in order to avoid loosing your deposit. Notice of cancellation or rescheduling must be given 7 days in advance.

  17. Can I bring our own food?

    Yes, we do allow outside food for parties and understand there are certain special cultural and dietary preferences. We ask that you limit the amount of food to one entree, salad, appetizer, and non-alcoholic drink. No heating devices allowed. Your party coordinator may assist you with this.


  18. May I order Pizza

    Yes, you can only order pizza from us. We offer Papa John's Pizza. Your party coordinator may assist you with this.

  19. Can I downgrade the party package on the party date if less kids show up?

    No, downgrade are only allowed 7 days before the party. 

  20. Can I bring a cake?

    Yes. You are allowed to bring any cake of any size.  Please don't forget to bring a cake knife and candles. No ice cream cakes please.

  21. Must we reserve a party room to have a party?

    Yes. Our policy is a strict NO WALK-IN PARTIES allowed. No cupcakes, balloons, goodie bags, gifts are allowed into the facility without a party room reservation.

  22. Can my kids stay and play after the birthday party?

    Yes. Play time for birthday parties are unlimited.

  23. What if I have extra children on the day of the party?

    You can pay $13 per each additional child for all party packages.

  24. Is the birthday kid included in the party package count?

    Yes, the guest count will include the birthday kid.